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Zen-Shin Karate Camp 2017

DSC_0294The 5th to the 8th of May 2017 saw Zen-Shin’s annual tradition of going to Devon for our Karate Camp. Devon Cliffs Holiday Park in Sandy Bay, Exeter, has hosted our Karate Camps for 34 years now.

This year we followed the same timetable as the previous, 2 large classes, instead of 3 smaller ones. This gives families more time to explore the area, and for the children to make the most of all the great facilities they have such as swimming, crazy golf and rock climbing.

Our morning sessions started from 8:00 to 10:00 on both days. It was at the Saturday morning beach session Kyoshi John Richards (8th Dan) introduced the kata ‘Kanku Sho’ for the first time to many of the students. Although it is a high-level kata, with good instructions and patience, even the lowest of grades were able to benefit.


Saturday afternoon we focused on perfecting the kata, as well as working on basics and bunkai. By this time everyone was feeling tired. There is something about the energy of the course that encourages you to keep training.

Sunday morning was met with a cool run down to the beach. Today is the day we go in the sea. After going through our newly learnt kata, we got involved with partner work and we all wrestled each other into the water. The cold English sea baptising our aching bodies, and soothing our souls.

Sunday afternoon was our final session. This was the time to muster all remaining energy to put in a performance in front of all the spectators who had gathered around the Zen-Shin Karatekas. This training session focused more on kumite, and partner attack-defend exercises. It was good to fight new faces from different clubs.

Everyone was well behaved (even the parents!), and as usual Zen-Shin students exemplified the mindset and spirit of true Karatekas. We hope that you learnt new things during the course, and are able to apply them back at your own club.


Thank you to all the students who came down to train, as well as the Senseis who helped the students and supported Kyoshi. The parents must not be forgotten as they are the ones who show never ending support to their children and help to create our Zen-Shin Family.

Next year will be our 35th year at Devon Cliffs. We will make sure it is an extra special year, so make sure you book early to ensure there is a space for you.

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