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Secondary School Results


The results are in! Children across England have been finding out if they got into their desired secondary school. This is a really big decision for the children, and will often mean the breakup of old friendships and habits.

It is really important that we support and congratulate our children when they achieve; not only academically, but in every area of their life. It is good to be acknowledged for doing something you are proud of, and this encourages and builds confidence.

For those who didn’t get into the school they wanted – don’t worry, the world will NOT end. You can still make good things from a bad situation. Pick your chin up and focus on all the good possibilities that may come from this new experience.

Some parents have expressed how doing karate at Zen-Shin has helped their child to focus more, which has led to better behaviour and results at school. For the 37 years we have been established, Kyoshi John Richards has had the pleasure of helping countless people achieve their potential using karate.

Kyoshi has found that to be successful in everything you do, you must apply yourself all the time and never give up until you have reached that goal.

Well done to everyone who is trying to build a better future for themselves.

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