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Student’s thoughts…

Very professional and super friendly team, excellent dojo, big number of classes to choose from. My three kids have been going there for years and enjoy their classes greatly. Last but not least, they are taught how to grow both physically and mentally stronger. – Aiste

I decided to return to Karate after a 30-year break and have now been training at Zen-Shin for a year and a half. I feel very fortunate to have found such a welcoming and supportive club. The Richards family, every single Sensei and fellow students have been nothing short of amazing and the club spirit and dedication is helping me move closer to my fitness, health and black belt goals. Highly recommended.Steve M

I have been training with Zen Shin for nearly 9 years now doing kickboxing and more recently Karate. I’m proud to be a Zen Shin student and managed to achieve my black belt through excellent teaching and especially encouragement. I am lucky enough to be taught by all the Sensei’s and they are equally fantastic. Being a Zen Shin student has helped me get through many difficult times by helping me be physically and mentally stronger. Both of my children do Karate and love it! Karate has helped my daughter so so much as she has cerebral palsy and her muscles are so much stronger in her legs also it has encouraged her to use both of her arms and legs rather than just one side. I love my Zen Shin family and will always be grateful how they have changed my life for the better xS. Moran

Absolutely fantastic, and I’m not just saying it. The whole family are great. Friendly, informative,supportive, encouraging, honest and value each and every child’s level of skill and differences. Throughout the year they implement fun and new ways of learning new skills .

Dojo and building kept very clean. Fantastic and open lines of communication, via email or phone, parents are kept up to date.
There so good i myself join in on the Zoom classes, which are well structured. Here the student’s get a chance to share or show they skills and knowledge.
Well known for there superb skills i wouldn’t send my child anywhere else.

Personally I’d like to say a BIG thank you to all of you! For staying relative, being helpful and keeping the Students active through the Pandemic and before.
Kaydo & Mom….
 Shreene .R

Zen Shin is definitely a way of life. It builds you spiritually as well as physically. More than just a sport. It’s a way of connecting to your inner self. –Panna

With one of, if not the highest graded instructors in Europe in the shape of Kyoshi John Richards, Zen Shin endeavours to produce quality students and instructors who know and embody all the disciplines of traditional Shotokan Karate. – Kennith Guy

My children both joined Zen-Shin aged 5 and they are now 9 and 12. We have never looked back. The children have learnt discipline, structure and most of all commitment. These were the main gains we wanted when we signed them up and this is what they build on every time they train. Zen-Shin is like a second home for my children and they want to be at the centre as much s possible due to the inviting and safe environment provided by the Sensei’s and Melanie. The children aspire to be better than yesterday every single day and that is what Kyoshi John Richards, Jumoke and Abian encourage every time the students step foot in the dojo. They love training and the fact that i can leave them and 100% know that they will be looked after and cared for is an absolute bonus. They have only really just begun their journey. Kyle has developed more and more confidence and he and I are proud of everything he achieves. Kayla on the other hand is learning to control her enthusiasm and excitability with the aid of the teachers and students around. Zen-Shin is a family, which we, from parents to children, are very proud to be part of. Zen-Shin instil a sense of pride in everyone that steps through the door. – Hong Bui

I loved my time at Zen-Shin Martial Arts Academy. I learnt many skills that I still remember today and I enjoyed the feeling of being a part of the Zen-Shin family. Sensei John Richards is the greatest teacher anyone could ask for, with the uncanny ability to bring out the best in every student. You are taught self-disipline, respect and life skills that stay with you for many years. I look forward to seeing Sensei and Zen-Shin again in the future. – Yusuf

Sophia - fall in love with taking care of yourself

Whilst most people in the U.K. are bedding down to sleep I’ve just stepped out of the dojo! ? ?
I started this journey to help my son with his confidence, concentration and discipline…. but have fallen in love with the sport myself! ?
Find a way to push yourself, expand your mind and invest in yourself….. ????‍♀️
Wealth does not just come in the form of money…. no other richness is more valuable then your health….. ???  Look after it!!!!!

Facebook post from our student Sophia



Absolute respect to Master Richards and his team. My Son Phoenix-Montana has ADHD and I find that this is helping him deal with his sensory issues and anger issue’s. Very friendly approach and make you feel very welcome. 1st time I met them tonight. One thing I do love is the DISCIPLINE and RESPECT! My son definitely need’s this in his life! Thank you for teaching my boy. X – Lisa Daly

Before moving to Australia in 2006 my son ( Benjamin) and daughter ( Bethany) attended lessons at Sutton Coldfield. We found John Richards to have a true passion about the martial arts he was teaching. It was done in a professional way and upon meeting John for the first time was  put at complete ease. He was pleasant, understanding and very patient and this showed throughout his immediate family who all showed the same traits. My children looked forward to all their lessons.I would recommend Zen – Shin above all others and wish John and his family all the very best and thank you.Mark James

Zen-Shin is the best martial arts association I could possibly recommend. They offer more than the martial arts themselves they teach the history of arts and give you a new outlook on life and to how live it in a peaceful calm and inspired manner. Our whole family does karate and Kyoshi Richards has enriched all our lives in different ways. Don’t think about it join and you won’t look back.Linda Fleming

I trained with Zen Shin for almost 20 years. You learn a martial art from one of the best in the country but you are also taught self discipline, respect and overall fitness. Every grade achieved is a grade earned unlike other clubs. Thanks Sensei, Oss. – John Rudd

My children have been with Zen Shin for the last few years. They have nothing but praise and admiration for Kyoshi Richards and the Richards family. – Ms Babra

Amazing instructor, really miss training with Kyoshi since I moved to Wales. What I learned with him stays with me forever. Oss ?  – J .M