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Junior Grading

On Sunday 3rd October 2021 we held our Junior Grading, the last set of gradings for this term.

The first grading had our lowest belts, and the dojo was filled with many white belts. The students would have been the ones that joined as lockdown ended in England. The students have been working hard in class, and it is rewarding to see the progress they have made in such a short space of time.

It was also great to see students from Sensei Jane’s new club in Aldridge. They performed really well, especially as this was the second time that they had come to the dojo. Performing in unfamiliar places can unsettle some, however they Aldridge students performed well under pressure. Sensei Jane must be proud!

This grading we noticed quite a few distinctions were awarded to students. Distinctions are for the most exceptional students, and we try not do award them so easily. We see how some students work really hard to improve, and it is gratifying to see them be rewarded for it.

We look forward to the next grading happening in December.

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