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Zen-Shin membership policy

Summertime is approaching and many of our students are jetting off on their summer holiday for weeks or even months at a time.

I wanted to make our membership policy clear when it comes to holidays. As a Zen-Shin Member you have a designated spot on your class which you pay for whether you attend or not. Therefore, you cannot suspend your membership when you go on holiday.

If you were to cancel your direct debit it means you have cancelled your membership and have forfeited your spot on the class.

If you want to re-join upon your return you would have to pay a re-joining admin fee of £30 and your new training fee agreement would be based on our 2024 published price.­

We only suspend direct debits for injuries or exceptional circumstances.

We offer students the opportunity to make up their missed classes due to holiday. Zen-Shin members also have access to our online library of recorded classes and videos based on our syllabus.

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