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Pre Grading July 2021

Training in Karate is a long journey that takes many years. Achieving black belt is the central goal for many students (one I wouldn’t recommend), and the gradings are the rites of passage from one grade to another.

Our younger students find it enjoyable to aim for a new colour belt every few months. This gives them something to focus on, and they can witness the progress they are making by moving up in rank.

Those students who train at least two times a week are able to grade every 3 months. Regular training helps to build confidence in what they are doing, and gives them the focus to improve upon themselves.

I find that the more a students train, the more they enjoy coming to train. I find this apparent more with our adult students, who come 3 or 4 times a week in order to get the most out of their membership. With the commitment to themselves, and their pursuit of karate, I have seen many people transform themselves.

Well done to everyone that turned up to pregrading. Remember that hardwork and dedication are sure to pay off.

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