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First Aid Course 18th July 2021

On Sunday the 18th July 2021, Zen-Shin held a First Aid Course open for all our students. The course was well attended by lots of different students of differing ages and grades.

The main purpose of the First Aid Course is for the students who are going for their black belt. One of the criteria Kyoshi had made as part of the black belt grading process was to have taken part in a first aid course.

This is an important skill for any martial artist, not just wannabe black belts. As Karateka we spend many years practicing how to improve our blocks and strikes, with the idea that maybe one day we will have to use them in an emergency situation. Similarly, having to give first aid to someone is an important skill, as preserving life is just as important as protecting it.

We taught how to approach particular scenarios, and what to do in emergency situations. We started off with a situation where we find someone unconscious on the floor. We learnt some important things to do which might save someone’s life one day.

We also worked on other situations where someone has to be put into the recovery position. We practiced getting each other in and out of this position, and learnt about when it is best used.

Overall it was a good day and everyone came away with some new knowledge, which I hope empowers them to feel more competent in an emergency situation.

Thank you to St John’s Ambulance for coming and teaching us a great presentation. We look forward to having you back next year. 

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