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Kumite Drills

Last week Saturday 12th June we held our first Kumite workshop of 2021. We had a good turnout of Zen-Shin students eager to practice their scoring techniques. In this workshop we practiced using drills designed to make our gyaku zuki more effective. This means not only are we trying to increase

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The Zen in Kata

Zen is a school of Buddhism that emphasises the importance of meditation and intuition. ‘Zen-Shin’ refers to the ‘Zen mind’; to be more specific, a meditative and calm mind. After our first Kata workshop, I have consistently been practicing Gojushiho Sho. I am still trying to master the

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Kumite Workshop 1

This weekend we will hold our first kumite workshop for Zen-Shin members on Saturday from 3:00-4:30pm. Our workshop will focus on kumite from a competition perspective. This means it is about scoring points, rather than doing the most damage to your opponent. Sport kumite, although completely

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Kata Workshop 1

Saturday was the first Kata workshop we held at Zen-Shin in 2021. This comes at a great time for us, as lockdown restrictions are easing, and adults are now back in the dojo. We went through Gojushiho Sho during our workshop, a high level Shotokan kata. Sensei Jumoke was inspired after watching the

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Path to Glory – Karate Competition

Zen-Shin intends to start our kata and kumite training for competitions. They’ll be held every Saturday from 3:00-4:30, alternating between Kata and Kumite each week. In these workshops, we will delve further into our karate training from a sport perspective. For kata, this means less

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May – The 3rd Phase

Returning to the Dojo From the 17th of May adults were finally allowed back into the dojo. We are grateful for all who decided to return, and have missed having the adults here to set the example and inspire our younger students. Listening to feedback from the adults, it seems as though you were

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