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Member Access Update

Junior Grading

On Sunday 3rd October 2021 we held our Junior Grading, the last set of gradings for this term. The first grading had our lowest belts,

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Olympic Karate Begins

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, has finally started, a year late. For us karateka, this will be an extra special one, as Karate is in the

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Black Belt Leadership

The Black Belt Leadership Course started in January 2020, and was attended by Zen-Shin’s most promising students. Kyoshi John Richards & Sensei Jumoke Richards identified

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We are closed today

We are closed today. If you have missed a class, you’re welcome to come down on a another day to make up for the missed

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Hi everyone,
We have been working hard to create an online space just for our active Zen-Shin students.
A place you can access all of our online content (live zoom classes, kata tutorials etc). It will make it much easier to manage like this so we have everything in one place. 
We really hope you enjoy using our members area.

All you have to do is register on the members area of the website (with the students details so we can accept you) 



We have 3 different karate classes so they can be more specific to our student’s grade/belt colour. Once this is all over with it will be grading time, so we need to keep working on our syllabus!
Here’s the plan…
Students will be split into one of three categories:
  • Kihon– For students from 4-7yrs old OR students with a White belt to White/Brown.

  • Heian– For students of all ages from Orange to Green belt

  • Kyoshi– For students of all ages from Purple to Black Belt

This is so the content of each class can be more specific to your grades.  
We are holding a NEW class called FIGHTING FIT for our kickboxerskarate-kas and PARENTS (or anyone 12yrs+). This class will be fitness, cardio and strength based (obviously with our martial arts twist) to spice up our day and try and keep our bodies thriving. All abilities are welcome.
DISCLAIMER: as you are in your homes please make sure you are in a safe area with suitable clothing and obstacles moved out of the way. We are not responsible for any injuries or damage incurred while you aren’t in the dojo, so please be careful! Thanks 🙂 

This  facility is just for active Zen-Shin members, this is now our online dojo. Please respect our community and online space. Let’s encourage and support each other.

In addition to our live classes, we are still creating youtube videos for our students so you can practice whenever, and wherever you like. These videos are made to support you whilst learning material from our Zen-Shin Syllabus.

Lastly, our classes will begin promptly, so please join in the Zoom meeting 10 mins before the class is due to start so we can get straight into it and once class starts we won’t have any interruptions. 
Please arrive early to class to secure your place and to fix any technical problems if they occur. If this happens please leave us a comment in the chat group so I can try and fix it straight away.
 Open these links 10 minutes before the start of class. DON’T BE LATE!

How to download ZOOM

To do this you will all need to download this app called ZOOM on a phone, tablet or laptop. 

  1. 1. Firstly go to their website (or app store if on your phone).
  2.     Click this link to download the app   https://zoom.us/download
  3. 2. Create a free account
  4. 3. Verify your account via the link sent to your email inbox
  5. 4. Go to our live timetable on this page and select which live class you would d like to join.

Watch our First Trial Live ZOOM Class

Watch our classes on YouTube!


Q: How long will Zen-Shin be closed for due to the Corona Virus?

A: At this moment it is unclear. We will be adhering to Government guidelines, as soon as they say it is safe to return -classes will be running.

Q: What will happen with our monthly payments?

A: As we are providing our classes online your direct debits will be collected as normal. However, we fully understand that this may be a hard time financially for you. If you would like to hear alternative options for your direct debit please email us on: 


Q: What will happen about our grading?

A: All gradings have been postponed. You will not lose your payments. We will carry the payment forward to your next grading. We do not have definite dates for the next grading as it is hard to predict how long we will be on lockdown for.

Q: Will I still be able to grade when I get back if I haven’t been following the online classes?

A: When you have time off training, your standard of karate and fitness will decrease. To take part in the grading you have to be apart of the online classes and practicing the relevant videos for your grade. The purpose of a grading is to measure your progress over a period of time, in order to make progress, one must be actively training.