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Kumite Workshop 1

This weekend we will hold our first kumite workshop for Zen-Shin members on Saturday from 3:00-4:30pm.

Our workshop will focus on kumite from a competition perspective. This means it is about scoring points, rather than doing the most damage to your opponent.

Sport kumite, although completely different to the self-defence we practice through bunkai, and what many people consider a ‘real fight’, it nevertheless has many good aspects that can help us gain the upper hand in any combative situation.

For example, it teaches us about speed, distance, and accuracy. These are all good qualities to any fighter. Training in competitive sports also makes us a lot fitter. Having rounds that are a few minutes long really tests your stamina, and it is often the person who tires first who loses.


Kumite is also a lot of fun to train. There are lots of different skills and drills that can be done in order for us to improve. This can be a more engaging way to improve your ability, and have a good time as well.

As two people are needed for any kind of fight, kumite also develops a friendly environment to be competitive against your class mates. Sparring tightens friendships due to the level of trust that is needed to practice safely with one another. Students learn how to push each other, whilst keeping their fights respectful.

Due to the corona virus, we have had to put a stop to making contact whilst in class. Now the restrictions are easing off, we are able to make contact with one another in a safe environment. This is really important for our children to learn appropriate levels of contact with one another, as it is so important for their development.

We welcome all Zen-Shin members over 7 years old to come and try our kumite class this Saturday. We recommend any students that have had about 1 year of experience training to join in. For those who are interested in joining, but not sure if they are suitable to go, please ask your Sensei in class.

We look forward to seeing you in the dojo.

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