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Kemetic Yoga



We are thrilled to be introducing KEMETIC YOGA to our Digbeth dojo.

We proudly offer you 2 FREE SESSIONS of Kemetic Yoga during February (Monday 11th & 18th February 2019). See below for further information.

Here at Zen-Shin we value and promote health and overall wellbeing. Yoga is a great practice we have personally experienced the benefits from and are now very excited to be facilitating Kemetic Yoga classes at our dojo.

What is ‘Kemetic Yoga?’

Kemetic Yoga is an a rapidly growing, ancient Egyptian form of yoga, that places primal emphasis on using the breath to achieve full body restoration and mindful discipline.

The postures and sequences are inspired by the those practised in ancient Egypt and follow a sacred geometrical formation of postures and transitions compared to more conventional forms Yoga.

When are the classes?

We are holding a brand new 12 week course starting from 25th February 2019! But first… how about 2 FREE TASTER CLASSES to give you chance to get a taste of what’s to come?!!


Monday 11th & 18th February 2019 :    7.30-9pm

Location: Zen-Shin Digbeth Academy, 180 High Street, Digbeth, B12 0LD

Who is it for: Everyone! Complete beginners and those with experience are both welcome

What to bring: A yoga mat if you have one, if not don’t worry, our matted flooring is great for yoga anyway. An extra layer to keep you warm during meditation. Don’t forget to bring an open mind and your positive vibes.


Who is the teacher?

Ryan Ptah Smith, a kemetic yoga teacher certified in January 2017 by Master Yirser Ra Hotep after studying kemetic yoga for 5 years as well as practising various forms of yoga for 6 years. Ryan is a qualified nutritionist, specialising in detoxification (qualified from the international school of detoxification and regeneration) and a wellbeing mentor with an expansive plethora of knowledge on all things nutrition for body, mind and soul. With a degree in sports science/languages, studied naturopathic nutrition for 2 years and involvement in community growth.

Having a passion for human anatomy and various forms of regenerative techniques and arts has allowed him to accumulate 10 years of experience in the health and healing industry.


Want to get in touch?

If you are interested in trying our Kemetic Yoga classes contact Ryan by email: info@expansive nutrition.com

Expansive nutrition logoFor more info on Kemetic Yoga go to : www.kemeticyoga.com