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Zen-Shin Martial Arts Academy

Zen-Shin Studios HQ, At the rear of 176 Soho Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands, B19 1AL.

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This is a timetable of all the karate and kick-boxing classes with Zen-Shin including all our locations in Birmingham

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Our class age groups are 4-7 yrs (peewees), 8-11 yrs (juniors), 12+ yrs (adults and teens)

LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupStyleClassBook
Mere Green Junior School Sutton ColdfieldMonday18:4519:308 - 11Junior KarateJunior KarateBook Now
Mere Green Junior School Sutton ColdfieldMonday19:3020:30AdultsSenior KarateSenior KarateBook Now
DigbethMonday19:3020:30AdultsKickboxing+Adults KickboxingBook Now
DigbethTuesday18:3019:154 - 7Junior KaratePeewees KarateBook Now
DigbethTuesday19:1520:158 - 11Junior KarateJunior KarateBook Now
DigbethTuesday20:1521:15AdultsSenior KarateSeniors KarateBook Now
DigbethWednesday18:1519:15AdultsKickboxing+Ladies KickboxingBook Now
DigbethWednesday18:1519:15AdultsLadies only KickboxingLadies Only KickboxingBook Now
DigbethWednesday19:3020:30AdultsKickboxing+Ladies Kickboxing AdvancedBook Now
DigbethThursday18:3019:154 - 7Junior KaratePeewees KarateBook Now
DigbethThursday19:1520:158 - 11Junior KarateJunior KarateBook Now
DigbethThursday20:1521:15AdultsSenior KarateSeniors KarateBook Now
DigbethFriday17:3018:30ChildrenKickboxing+Junior KickboxingBook Now
DigbethFriday18:3019:30AdultsLadies only KickboxingLadies Only KickboxingBook Now
DigbethFriday18:3019:30AdultsKickboxing+Ladies KickboxingBook Now
Soho HillMonday18:0018:458 - 11Junior KarateJunior KarateBook Now
Soho HillMonday19:0020:0012 - 17Senior KarateCadets KarateBook Now
Soho HillMonday19:3020:30-Kickboxing+Kickboxing & Muay ThaiBook Now
Soho HillMonday20:0021:00AdultsSenior KarateSenior KarateBook Now
Soho HillTuesday18:1519:004 - 7Junior KaratePeeweesBook Now
Soho HillTuesday19:3020:30AdultsZen FitZen FitBook Now
Soho HillWednesday18:3019:30AdultsKickboxing+Mixed Kickboxing & Muay ThaiBook Now
Soho HillWednesday19:4520:45AdultsSenior KarateSenior & Cadets KarateBook Now
Soho HillFriday17:0017:457 - 11Junior Karate*Beginners Junior KarateBook Now
Soho HillFriday19:0020:00AdultsJunior KarateCadets KarateBook Now
Soho HillFriday20:0021:00Adults, Children, FamilyKickboxing+Kickboxing & Muay ThaiBook Now
Soho HillFriday20:0021:00AdultsSenior KarateSenior KarateBook Now
Soho HillSaturday10:3011:304 - 7Junior KaratePeeweesBook Now
Soho HillSaturday12:0013:008 - 11Junior KarateJunior KarateBook Now
Soho HillSaturday13:1514:15AdultsSenior KarateSenior Karate & CadetsBook Now
HarborneTuesday17:3018:15ChildrenJunior KarateJunior KarateBook Now
HarborneTuesday18:1519:15AdultsSenior KarateSenior KarateBook Now
SaltleyTuesday18:3019:30ChildrenJunior KarateJunior karateBook Now
SaltleyThursday18:3019:30ChildrenJunior KarateJunior KarateBook Now
LadywoodWednesday15:3016:30ChildrenJunior KarateDragon karateBook Now
Mere Green Centre/Library Sutton ColdfieldWednesday18:4519:308 - 11Junior KarateJunior KarateBook Now
Mere Green Centre/Library Sutton ColdfieldWednesday19:3020:30AdultsSenior KarateSenior KarateBook Now